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Who we are

At Ferreira Baseball Academy we want to create a fun and rewarding baseball and cultural experience for high school and college players, relatives and friends with memories that will last a lifetime.  We’ve been providing baseball camps, college tours and individual player development and training in the Dominican Republic since 2001.  Our staff of former professional baseball players is top notched and has helped more than 124 players sign professionally and with colleges in the US.    



Coached by guest US college and professional Dominican coaches, players practice and play games against top Dominican teams, exposed to the spirited style of the Dominican players, and spend 7 full days hearing tips and insight into the college recruiting and MLB draft process. Time is set aside for tourist activities and to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean island. 

The baseball camps are conveniently held during school holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and Summer.  The duration of each baseball camp are 7 days.  During the Summer, we have multiple baseball camps in the months of June - August, 

Upcoming Baseball Camps

Sample Baseball Camp Itinerary

College Tours

A foreign excursion is a unique opportunity for college athletes to broaden their cultural experiences and use baseball as a tool for bridging cultural gaps. Excursions of 5-8 days can be arranged at any time of the year and customized to fit your needs.

  • Play games against top competition
  • Recruiting advantage – Differentiate your program & great source & opportunity to recruit Dominican players
  • Community service opportunities
  • Off-field activities including tours, fun in the sun, attend winter league games
  • Remarkable value with prices
  • NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA compliant (DI, DII & DIII)
  • Increase team unity and bonding

Sample College Tour Itinerary

Individual Player Development and Training

The training plan is intended to improve the player’s baseball skills and chances of signing professionally or playing college baseball.  Showcase videos can also be recorded and shared with our network of over 300 college coaches in the US.  We are open 12 months of the year and cover all aspects of baseball training and player development.

Trip Logistics & Pricing

Baseball Camps & College Tours - $1,300 for 7 full days per player. Fee includes lodging in one of the top hotels in the city with extraordinary amenities including internet, gym, breakfast buffet, pool, business center, concierge and casino, lunch and dinner delivered on site, group transportation to and from all baseball and off-field activities.

Individual Player Development and Training - prices start at $1,000 per month or $60/day for shorter stays. Fee includes housing in our fully furnished two story home located walking distance from the baseball field, three meals per day, baseball training, games, strength training and recruitment videos.


Read what coaches, player agents, scouts and parents are saying about their experience with the Ferreira Baseball Academy and what has made us the premier source for baseball training and player development in the Dominican Republic.

“Ed has great instructors and they run one of the best, well organized and disciplined academies anywhere in the world. After 10 years, we continue to work with Ed’s academy because they do things the right away.”
— Peter Caliendo, Former USA Baseball National Team Coach
“Eduardo is someone that cares about his players. I’m proud to know and be an agent to his players”.
— Pat Arter, MLB Player Agent.
“I was fortunate, when I coached, to have met Ed and be the recipient of his student /athletes. All the players Ed sent us were not only talented, but humble conscientious, and respectable people”
— Steve Hertz, Miami Dade Coach 1986-2012 and Florida Community College Activities Association Hall of Fame
“After six months, our son learned not only about baseball but discipline, respect, work ethic and life.”
— Parent from the US

The Staff

The staff of Ferreira Baseball Academy is experienced, global, professional, and with a proven track record of helping hundreds of players achieve their goals in and outside of the baseball field.  Our baseball instructors are former professional baseball players and the rest of the staff is well educated and committed to the mission and success of the organization. 

Featured news and events

This section is intended to keep our readers updated on the latest news and events involving former and current staff and players and the Ferreira Baseball Academy.  We also encourage you to post your comments and feedback about these news and events.

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