The issue of steroid use in youth Dominican Baseball

Although the controls enacted by major league baseball (MLB) may reduce the use of steroids, evidence suggests that it will never eliminate the use of steroids or enhancing performance drugs.

Sadly, this is not only evident and true in the big leagues but even more so in kids like those in the Dominican Republic as young as 14 and 15 looking to sign their first MLB contract at the age of 16. To quote Lenny Dykstra, a known steroid user, "how can you not take drugs? I'll go make $60,000 and take orders from somebody while you go make $30 million? Money changes things."  

For kids in the Dominican Republic, this reality is augmented by the fact that financially speaking they have nothing, to begin with, but in their eyes, the negative health consequences of taking steroids are not enough of a deterrent and outweigh the financial gains of signing professionally.  

The debate may be scientific but the issue and solution are rational.

Abdul Zainos

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