Training in Baseball’s Cradle? It’s a Spring Break Option

Especially for schools in colder wheather such as those located in the Northeast of the United States, playing baseball outdoors during winter is not feasible.  As an alternative, high school baseball teams will travel to warmer places like Florida for Spring and Christmas break and train and prepare for the upcoming season.  

Lately, more and more schools like the Dwight High School have been training in the Dominican Republic instead of Florida.  The Dominican Republic is not only more cost effective but the quality of the training and competition is unsurpassed anywhere in the world for kids in high school.  

After visiting our academy in 2012, the Dwight school has visited the Ferreira Baseball Academy on additional occassions, citing great benefits form their trip including their best season on the baseball field in history and the cultural experience of training and playing in a foreign country.  

Abdul Zainos

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