Your Donation Matters

Ferreira Baseball Academy relies primarily on private donations for the purchase of equipment supplies and to cover on going maintenance expenses. No amount is too little but the deed is monumental for these kids and our academy.  Listed in order of priority, are the items which we mostly use and need.  Based on your donation amount and unit costs, please let us know how many units of each item with your donation you would like for us to purchase.  At your request, we can send you a proof of purchase of the items selected.  You can also submit a general purpose donation which we will use to help cover on going operating expenses such as staff salaries, lease payments, utilities, food, water, and so forth.



Approximately 300 baseballs are required to operate an entire year composed of group training, drills and games. The cost per baseball is about $5 in the Dominican Republic.  



Wooden bats are exclusively used for practice and games.  Along with baseballs, bats are always in short supply.  Demarini is the preferred brand used in the Dominican Republic because of its endurance. The cost for one Demarini bat in the Dominican Republic is approximately $200.


Baseball Helmets

Used to protect our kids from head injuries, baseball helmets are a safety requirement.  The cost for one helmet in the Dominican Republic is about $30.



Used to protect catches from injury, the catcher’s gear are required and an important safety requirements. The cost for one set of catchers gear is $200 in the Dominican Republic.



The pitching machine is a great tool for batting practice and fielding drills.  The cost for a JUGS pitching machine in the Dominican Republic is $2,000.


Jugs Pitching Radar Gun

Used to measure the velocity of pitches from players. A fantastic tool for establishing benchmarks and goal setting with pitchers. It is also commonly used by scouts during tryouts. The cost for a JUGS pitching radar gun in the Dominican Republic is $1,000.


Protector Toss Screen

Used to toss batting practice and protection against hard hit baseballs.   The cost per unit in the Dominican Republic is $500



Used to correct and improve batting mechanics, the hitting tee is a must have tool for teaching kids the art of hitting. The cost for one hitting tee in the Dominican Republic is $40.


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