Videos of Baseball Training Drills Taught by our head Coach 

Hitting Drills

There are different ways for how to hit a baseball, but once a hitter gets to the contact point that is where all the differences stop and the absolutes and similarities start.  If you compare Johnny Damon (who has a very open stance and a leg kick), to Albert Pujols (wide stance and has very little movement), and to David Eckstein (gets in his legs a lot, chokes up and stands very close to the plate) you would find that initially they look completely different. BUT…  when you strip away the pre-pitch rhythm, the leg kicks and all of the other movement that is personal preference, you find that they are a lot alike.  No matter how a hitter gets to the contact point of his swing, all great hitters do the same thing.

In our academy, you’ll learn and practice how to correctly hit and make contact with the baseball.

Infield, Outfield and Catcher's Drills

These drills will help players break down and focus on the fundamentals of their respective positions in the infield, outfield and catching. They provide a high energy environment for working on fielding, receiving, throwing and catching techniques, as well as double play feeds and pivots.  


Baseball is a sport that requires a very unique kind of fitness. During an actual game, there is much less emphasis on endurance than there is on explosive speed and very individual and articulate skill sets, such as pitching strikes, swinging bats and defending the bases to keep an opponent from advancing towards home. Agility and speed drills in baseball are designed to improve base running speed and the ability to react to balls quickly on defense. For offensive players, these drills are designed to improve reaction time at the plate. Agility and speed drills range from short sprint drills to resistance parachute drills. Additionally, baseball also involves a lot of twisting, jumping, lateral and forward-to-backward movements. If you walk on to the field to perform these tasks without a proper warm up, you run the risk of pulling a muscle and injury. 

These drills will help players avoid injuries and be fit for best performance during practices and games.


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